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Welcome to Groupe Granata

Groupe Granata is a dedicated team of professionals with over 30 years of experience. Our team is always a step ahead in our field and we ensure that we only use the latest in material and technology for our clients. We take great pride in the work we have completed over the past 30 years. Our staff has worked closely with all our clients to ensure that they get only the best service and price. The same passion that helped us start and grow Groupe Granata still can be seen to this day. Quality and service has set us apart.


Just a note to thank you and the entire team for the work done here. I keep enjoying the garden, the terrace and the view. I enjoy this beautiful scenery. Just wonderful!

A customer who loves you a lot. Thank you.

Diane Parenteau

We would like to thank the professionalism, the competence and work ethic of the Groupe Granata team (George Granata, Mario Del Grosso,Tony, Gabriel, and all the others...).

We have trusted Groupe Granata and their many years of experience in the construction and layout of Landscape Design. We were accompanied and informed throughout the project. We are pleasantly satisfied with the work done in the backyard of our residence, and look forward to making the most of it in the coming years.

Marie Vallée & Robert B.


Design your home in no time

Designing the house from the outside isn't an easy task, especially if you are trying to do that by yourself. You should take into account many details, like composition, colors, design concept, etc. Our teams work diligently to satisfy all points on the renovation spectrum: a completed project that suits your family, home and budget. Our renovation consultants are there to make suggestions and identify the best way to complete your project.


Leave the job to professional exterior designers

Our strategic thinkers work on complex landscape planning and large scale projects with acute attention to landscape character and visual integration. We strive to improve the urban and rural environments that we are asked to address, both in visual quality and ecological richness, through understanding the functional requirements of our clients, designing spatial arrangements and detailing that will establish a vibrant living growing landscape.